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I got a message from Nora today. Please help her out by donating if you can or help spread the word!

I will be jumping into the icy waters of White Bear Lake on Jan 31st to raise money for the special olympics.
I would appreciate your support. If you live in the area, I would love if you could make it in person to cheer me on.

Donate Here –

Thanks so much!

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Nora sent in an adorable new photo for the December Photo of the Month!

Along with the photo, Nora sent in what she did for Thanksgiving weekend this year.

I worked a double shift on Thanksgiving 7am to 11pm then drove 6 hours and arrived up north very early Friday morning. I slept till 11am Friday then helped my dad haul brick and move some building supplies. No shopping for me.

Nora’s photo is featured on’s feature on RAW’s 15th Anniversary. She is included with 21 other divas as they list Raw’s Lovely Divas Through the 15 Years. That photo can be seen HERE in the gallery!

Finally, I’d like to announce that I now run a third site. I’m greatly honored to be Ariel aka The Portuguese Princess’ new webmistress of her Official Site! Be sure to check it out, she’s amazing and her role model is none other than Nora Greenwald!

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Nora has sent in three new answers to past questions you visitors has sent in. Each week we will try and get a few extra questions in to catch up to date with it.

Week #22 – September 17 to September 23
Name: Heather
Question: What do you look for in a guy?

Week #23 – September 24 to September 30
Name: Roopesh
Question: Hi Molly, are you going to visit India? I am from India.

Week #24 – October 1 to October 7
Name: deltaqueen
Question: If you were to leave Minnesota for ever, where else in the States/World could you happily spend the rest of your life?

Click here for the answers.

Also, December is rolling around fast! Nora has already sent in a new photo for the December photo of the Month, so be sure to check back here on December 1st to see it! You’ll love it!

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New November Photo of the Month
Nora picked out a photo she previously sent us as November’s Photo of the Month. It’s a very cute photo of her with her friend Nick. You can find it down the side on the left hand side of the page.
Thank you Nora!

Nora Halloween Story
In celebration of Halloween, Nora has shared a past Halloween of hers!
In 1992 I went trick or treating with my friends. I wore a paper bag over my head as a costume. At dusk when we started door to door there was no snow. Then there were a few flurries. Then by 9pm it was a full blown blizzard. We were walking through 2 feet of snow and my paper bag was wet and plastered to my head.
Needless to say I didn’t re-use that costume.

Website Note
First, I would like to apologize for the lack of updates. I hadn’t realized it has been nearly a month since the last update. Tomorrow, my father will be having surgery, so for about a week or two, things will be slow still. Once he is able to return home, I will work on more caps and videos again for the site. Again, sorry about the lack of updates.

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Nora sent in a new Photo of the Month for October. Click on the banner above to view the beautiful photo.

Nora has also sent us a very beautiful photo of her and her cousin together.

To view the full photo, click on the picture above.

And finally, since we’ve missed a few Questions of the Week, here are 3 we have answers to from Nora. Below are the questions:

Sent In By: TorrieFan
Question #1: First off, I would just like to say that Nora, you’re one of my favorite women wrestlers of all time and I miss seeing you in the ring. I hope to see you wrestling again someday. Okay, now for the question. Nora, what do you think of Torrie Wilson? Do you think she’s a better wrestler than what she was in WCW? Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer my questions.

Sent In By: Rey Sung
Question #2: Hi Nora!!! What was it like being in the ring with Jacqueline?

Sent In By: Chris
Question #3: Hi Nora, I have a question. If WWE called you up right now and said, ‘we want you back’, would you take them up on the offer or decline?

To read Nora’s answers, go here.

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Since I didn’t post the last 5 questions for the Question of the Week, here they are.

Sent in by Johnathan
Question #1: If you could sum these women wrestlers and divas personalities up in one word, how would you describe them…
Sent in by Jacob Walker
Question #2: After having your head shaved at Wrestlemania XX what did you do with the hair?
Sent in by Eric Collins
Question #3: What made you decide to be a Christian?
Sent in by Anthony
Question #4: Hey Nora! I have always wondered… why did you change your hair from blonde to brown around 2002. I stopped watching wrestling from 2000-2004 and when I started…
Sent in by Harlan
Question #5: Hi Nora, your the best and I think it’s great that you are a faith seeker. I’m curious, what have you been up to lately outside of indie events, etc. Have you started any companies or business. I really miss you on WWE tv. I was a fan since the WCW Miss Madness…

To read Nora’s answer, go here.

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Photo of the Month
First of all, I apologize for the lack of updates. I’ve been extremely busy the last few weeks that I haven’t had time to update. Secondly, Nora sent in a wonderful photo for Photo of the Month! 4 Years Anniversary
August 4th was’s 4 Years Anniversary! Unfortunately, there was no special updates on that day, but it doesn’t mean there won’t be any special updates. Keep coming back for the special update! :)

Birthday Celebration
As you know, Nora’s 30th Birthday is coming up soon! I created a birthday website where you fans can send in your birthday wishes! I will send the wishes to Nora herself, so she can read them! To send in your birthday wishes, click the link above.

PLEASE help us by spreading the word about the birthday celebration site! Post them ANYWHERE… forums, myspaces… you get the idea! :) It would be greatly appreciated!

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NWO Exclusive
New Layout! Hope you all like it! :)

Nora sent in a new photo of her with her friends for the July Photo of the Month. Thanks Nora!

Question of the Week
The last two weekends, I did not post the question of the weeks because I was extremely busy, so I apologize. This weekend we have three different questions sent in by fans and they were answered by Nora.

Sent in by Terry,
Question #1: When you did the gimmick with the Hurricane.What was the reason for it to dicontinued?
Sent in by Robert,
Question #2: Hi Nora, I was interseted to know, which female finishing move was the hardest to take in the ring, and which do you find the most effective finisher, other than your own lol.
Sent in by Clment,
Question #3 It’s very awesome that you went to Guatemala and helped all the cool peeps over there. Were any of the wrestling organizations you worked with involved with community service? or is community service a strictly individual endeavour?

To read these questions, go here to read answers to all questions.

200,000 Hits
As you know, recently got over 200,000 hits and to celebrate that, we have some wonderful treats for you visitors!

It’s been a while since we put up some new media stuff, so for this celebration, we have some new stuff for you to use! Not only that, we also have a bunch of caps and videos! We do have this one biggest treat, but we will keep it for last!

82 Animations ( HERE )
{7 on ‘Before/After Match’ page 3}
{12 on ‘Molly and Spike’ page}
{11 on ‘Ramp Entrances’ page 2}
{52 on ‘Wrestling’ page 4, 5, 6}

5 Avatars ( HERE )
5 Banners ( HERE )

Monday Night Raw

January 5, 2004 September 20, 2004

{ 715 Caps }
{ 1 Video }

{ 353 Caps }
{ 1 Video }
February 28, 2005

{ 42 Caps }
{ 1 Video }

Show Intro

2003 – Monday Night Raw

{ 2 Caps }
{ 1 Video }

Now here is the biggest treat for this celebration update! We have a RARE match! It’s of Nora against Victoria back on April 25, 2001 at an UPW show. Not We only have caps, but we also have the video!


April 25, 2001

{ 713 Caps }
{ 1 Video }

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JUNE 18, 2007 UPDATE
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NWO Exclusive

{ Photo } recently got over 200,000 hits! I wanted to thank you all so much for your support for this website! This site would be nothing if it wasn’t for you guys! To celebrate this, Nora sent in a wonderful photo. Thanks Nora! To check the photo out, click the link above.

As you know, Sherri Martel passed away last Friday on the 15th, Nora e-mailed me her comments about her passing.
“I was very sad to hear the news about Sherri Martel. I enjoyed watching her as a kid, it was an honor working with her in the ring (WCW), and she was always a pleasure to visit with when she would be backstage at WWE events. She will be greatly missed.”

Question of the Week
Since I didn’t post the seventh question from last weekend, I will post two questions this weekend.

Here is the seventh question for last week. It was sent in by Jeff Wilson.
Question: Any chance that you are making an appearance in Oregon anytime soon so I can add an autograph to my random stuff?

Here is the eight question for this week. It was sent in by Jess J.
Question: I loved when you were Mighty Molly, and was wondering if you could be a super hero, what would your powers be and what would you call yourself? xoxo

To check out other questions that have been asked, go here.

Trading Cards
We will not have a weekend rewind this weekend, but we do have some wonderful trading cards sent in by my buddy, Amanda! Thanks Amanda!

Absolute Divas All Access

{ Card #1, Card #2, Card #3, Card #4 }

{ Card #1, Card #2 }
Divine Divas WrestleMania XX

{ Card #1 }

{ Card #1 }
WWE RAW vs. SmackDown! WWF The Ultimate Divas

{ Card #1, Card #2, Card #3 }

{ Card #1, Card #2, Card #3, Card #4, Card #5, Card #6, Card #7 }

Make sure you keep coming back because we are going to have special update for the 200,000 hits!

Feel free to leave your comments. We love hearing from visitors.

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New Layout
New Layout! I really like how it turned out and I hope you all like it!

Question of the Week
Here is the sixth question for this week. It was sent in by JS.

Question: Nora, thanks for the great answer of my previous question! Even though I’m from Rhode Island, I’ve always been a big Vikings fan, are you? Have you been to many games?

To read Nora’s answer to that question, go here and go at the bottom of the page.

Weekend Rewind
For this Weekend Rewind… instead of the shows, we took caps and videos of Nora’s photoshoots and commercials. Enjoy them!


WWE Divas:
Desert Heat
– Chapter
WWE Divas:
Desert Heat
– Extras

{ 189 Photos }
{ 1 Video }

{ 114 Photos }
{ 1 Video }


WWE Divas:
Desert Heat
WWE Divas: Undressed

{ 6 Photos }
{ 1 Video }

{ 18 Photos }
{ 1 Video }

Last weekend when we posted the September 29, 2003 show, we didn’t have the video. Well, we now have the video. To go and check it out, click the link below! You can also check out the caps by clicking the image below.

Monday Night Raw

September 29, 2003

{ 1 Video }

Gail Answers To A Question About Nora
At Gail Kim’s official forum (The Gail Kim), she answers questions there. Recently a fan asked Gail about Nora. Here is the question.

Question: I was just wondering what you thought of Nora Greenwald’s recent goodwill/charity work she has performed during her stay at Antigua Guatemala from December 2006-April 2007? This was the second time she was there as she helped build houses for refugees in 2005. In the distant future – when you’ve accomplished everything you set out to achieve in wrestling – would you ever spend several months in a foriegn country for charity work or for whatever cause.
Answer: Molly/Nora is definitely one of the most genuinely good hearted/spirited people I know. I really love her and have never met anyone like her. I think she is truly a good person who wants to do good for this world. If I got to get to that point, yes I would. I want to do things now when my schedule allows. I have read about many things that I would like to get involved with, but I just never knew how. Nothing else gives you a better feeling than helping others.

Feel free to leave your comments. We love hearing from visitors.

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Nora Greenwald
Name: Nora Kristina Greenwald-Benshoof
From: Minnesota
Birthday: September 7, 1977
Alias: Lady Ophelia, Starla Saxton, Mona, Miss Madness, Molly Holly, Mighty Molly
Quick-Bits: Two time former WWE Women's Champion, one time former WWE Hardcore Champion, appears at various independent wrestling shows and conventions, released a Shoot Interview DVD titled "Shootin the Shi... Crap", Married to Geno Benshoof, counselor at Minnesota Teen Challenge, WWE Hall of Famer (Class of 2021).

Elite Affiliates

Website Information
Website Owner: Dani
Website Launched: August 3, 2003
Design Credit: Christine at

Did you have the pleasure of meeting Nora Greenwald and have a photo with her? Have you seen her wrestle live at house shows, television tapings, Pay Per Views or other events and had taken candid photos to capture the memories? Want to share your photos with other us, just e-mail me at and I will gladly add your photos to the site will full credit to you.

Contact Information
Website Owner: Dani

Legal Information IS Nora Greenwals's official web site. I am not Nora Greenwald - this is a site to keep you up-to-date on all the latest happenings of Nora Greenwald herself. All television captures, photoshoot or digital photos are copyrighted to World Wrestling Entertainment and other Federations that appear on this site unless stated otherwise. NO copyright infringement is intended. We do NOT under any circumstances claim ownership over any multimedia posted on this website. All photos are being used under fair copyright law 107