Since I didn’t post the last 5 questions for the Question of the Week, here they are.

Sent in by Johnathan
Question #1: If you could sum these women wrestlers and divas personalities up in one word, how would you describe them…
Sent in by Jacob Walker
Question #2: After having your head shaved at Wrestlemania XX what did you do with the hair?
Sent in by Eric Collins
Question #3: What made you decide to be a Christian?
Sent in by Anthony
Question #4: Hey Nora! I have always wondered… why did you change your hair from blonde to brown around 2002. I stopped watching wrestling from 2000-2004 and when I started…
Sent in by Harlan
Question #5: Hi Nora, your the best and I think it’s great that you are a faith seeker. I’m curious, what have you been up to lately outside of indie events, etc. Have you started any companies or business. I really miss you on WWE tv. I was a fan since the WCW Miss Madness…

To read Nora’s answer, go here.

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