April 12th, 2021
 "Digital Images of Molly at Wrestlemania 37"
WWE Wrestlemania 37 WWE Wrestlemania 37 WWE Wrestlemania 37 WWE Wrestlemania 37

Click on the thumbnails above to go to the Gallery and see the full set of images.

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April 6th, 2021
 "Digital Images of Molly at WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony"

Check out these digital images of Molly during her 2021 WWE Hall of Fame Induction

WWE 2021 Hall of Fame WWE 2021 Hall of Fame WWE 2021 Hall of Fame WWE 2021 Hall of Fame

Click on the thumbnails above to go to the Gallery and see the full set of images.

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August 4th, 2008

8 March 28, 2002 Candids ]
11 June 29, 2002 Candids ]
19 February 1, 2003 Candids ]


July 27th, 2008

Indy Wrestler Josie recently added a photo of herself with Nora to her MySpace page. This photo is from Nora’s appearance at Second City Wrestling in Illinois on Saturday, July 19th. Both girls look stunning. Josie considers Nora to be one of her Heroes. You can check out the photo by clicking on the link below.

Nora & Josie Candid ]

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July 23rd, 2008

Nora attended the Chiller Theatre show in May of this year. We have three beautiful HQ photos of her at the show from May 3rd, 2008. Be sure to check them out by clicking on the banner above.


December 14th, 2007

Nora Greenwald strikes a pose in the basement weight room at her parent’s home. Although “on sabbatical” from her career in professional wrestling, she finds time for regular workouts when she isn’t ministering at Minnesota Teen Challenge. — Photo by Paul Dols

Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be… pro-wrestlers
Time in the ring a ‘beautiful thing’ for Forest Lake grad

Dec 12, 2007
by Debra Neutkens
Staff Writer

WHITE BEAR LAKE — When you meet the petite, soft-spoken Nora Greenwald, it’s hard to believe she performed as a diva in the pro-wrestling ring.

Fans of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) knew her as Molly Holly. Her Forest Lake High School classmates know her as a member of the class of ‘96.

Greenwald’s unique journey into the pseudo-reality world of pro-wrestling started soon after high school graduation. She packed her ‘65 Buick, bid her family good-bye and drove to Tampa, Fla., to, as she tells it, “spend her graduation money.”

Click READ MORE below for full article!

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October 4th, 2007

Nora sent in a new Photo of the Month for October. Click on the banner above to view the beautiful photo.

Nora has also sent us a very beautiful photo of her and her cousin together.

To view the full photo, click on the picture above.

And finally, since we’ve missed a few Questions of the Week, here are 3 we have answers to from Nora. Below are the questions:

Sent In By: TorrieFan
Question #1: First off, I would just like to say that Nora, you’re one of my favorite women wrestlers of all time and I miss seeing you in the ring. I hope to see you wrestling again someday. Okay, now for the question. Nora, what do you think of Torrie Wilson? Do you think she’s a better wrestler than what she was in WCW? Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer my questions.

Sent In By: Rey Sung
Question #2: Hi Nora!!! What was it like being in the ring with Jacqueline?

Sent In By: Chris
Question #3: Hi Nora, I have a question. If WWE called you up right now and said, ‘we want you back’, would you take them up on the offer or decline?

To read Nora’s answers, go here.


September 27th, 2007

As promised, I added 5 photos from Nora’s Autograph Signing and Appearance at Wrestling Megafest in Lynbrook, NY on August 25, 2007. Special thank you to Robert Payes & Carol for giving me permission to use their wonderful photos. Click on the banner above to see the photos. Enjoy!

If anyone else attended the event and would like to donate their photos, please feel free to e-mail me by clicking the names in the update


September 8th, 2007

As we noted, the celebration will continue all weekend!

We uploaded four videos for everyone.

PPV – Summerslam 2004 – Diva Dodgeball Promo HERE
PPV – Summerslam 2004 – Diva Dodgeball HERE
PPV – Taboo Tuesday 2004 – Divas Come Out For Fulfill Your Fantasy Results HERE
PPV – Taboo Tuesday 2004 – Fulfill Your Fantasy Diva Battle Royal HERE

6:00 PM
Second update for the day. we added some scans, caps & candids for everyone. Seven different shows/appearances/magazines. The list is below or you can click on the little Latest Photos Thumbnails to go to them on the left.

Sunday Night Heat May 5, 2002 Caps HERE
The Complete History of Champions Magazine Scan HERE
BAW Championship Wrestling Nov. 10, 2006 Candids HERE
BAW Championship Wrestling Dec. 8, 2006 Candids HERE
BAW Championship Wrestling July 13, 2007 Candids HERE
Heavy On Wrestling July 21, 2007 Candids HERE
PPV Summerslam 2004 Caps HERE

Big special thank you to Mr. RP Strickland from B.A.W. Championship Wrestling & Pacific Northwest Wrestlings Bottom Line for permission to use his BAW Photos on the site.

Check back here for more later on! Feedback is appreciated

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June 18th, 2007
 "JUNE 18, 2007 UPDATE"

NWO Exclusive

{ Photo }

Nora-World.org recently got over 200,000 hits! I wanted to thank you all so much for your support for this website! This site would be nothing if it wasn’t for you guys! To celebrate this, Nora sent in a wonderful photo. Thanks Nora! To check the photo out, click the link above.

As you know, Sherri Martel passed away last Friday on the 15th, Nora e-mailed me her comments about her passing.
“I was very sad to hear the news about Sherri Martel. I enjoyed watching her as a kid, it was an honor working with her in the ring (WCW), and she was always a pleasure to visit with when she would be backstage at WWE events. She will be greatly missed.”

Question of the Week
Since I didn’t post the seventh question from last weekend, I will post two questions this weekend.

Here is the seventh question for last week. It was sent in by Jeff Wilson.
Question: Any chance that you are making an appearance in Oregon anytime soon so I can add an autograph to my random stuff?

Here is the eight question for this week. It was sent in by Jess J.
Question: I loved when you were Mighty Molly, and was wondering if you could be a super hero, what would your powers be and what would you call yourself? xoxo

To check out other questions that have been asked, go here.

Trading Cards
We will not have a weekend rewind this weekend, but we do have some wonderful trading cards sent in by my buddy, Amanda! Thanks Amanda!

Absolute Divas All Access

{ Card #1, Card #2, Card #3, Card #4 }

{ Card #1, Card #2 }
Divine Divas WrestleMania XX

{ Card #1 }

{ Card #1 }
WWE RAW vs. SmackDown! WWF The Ultimate Divas

{ Card #1, Card #2, Card #3 }

{ Card #1, Card #2, Card #3, Card #4, Card #5, Card #6, Card #7 }

Make sure you keep coming back because we are going to have special update for the 200,000 hits!

Feel free to leave your comments. We love hearing from visitors.

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