#JUNE 18, 2007 UPDATE

NWO Exclusive

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Nora-World.org recently got over 200,000 hits! I wanted to thank you all so much for your support for this website! This site would be nothing if it wasn’t for you guys! To celebrate this, Nora sent in a wonderful photo. Thanks Nora! To check the photo out, click the link above.

As you know, Sherri Martel passed away last Friday on the 15th, Nora e-mailed me her comments about her passing.
“I was very sad to hear the news about Sherri Martel. I enjoyed watching her as a kid, it was an honor working with her in the ring (WCW), and she was always a pleasure to visit with when she would be backstage at WWE events. She will be greatly missed.”

Question of the Week
Since I didn’t post the seventh question from last weekend, I will post two questions this weekend.

Here is the seventh question for last week. It was sent in by Jeff Wilson.
Question: Any chance that you are making an appearance in Oregon anytime soon so I can add an autograph to my random stuff?

Here is the eight question for this week. It was sent in by Jess J.
Question: I loved when you were Mighty Molly, and was wondering if you could be a super hero, what would your powers be and what would you call yourself? xoxo

To check out other questions that have been asked, go here.

Trading Cards
We will not have a weekend rewind this weekend, but we do have some wonderful trading cards sent in by my buddy, Amanda! Thanks Amanda!

Absolute Divas All Access

{ Card #1, Card #2, Card #3, Card #4 }

{ Card #1, Card #2 }
Divine Divas WrestleMania XX

{ Card #1 }

{ Card #1 }
WWE RAW vs. SmackDown! WWF The Ultimate Divas

{ Card #1, Card #2, Card #3 }

{ Card #1, Card #2, Card #3, Card #4, Card #5, Card #6, Card #7 }

Make sure you keep coming back because we are going to have special update for the 200,000 hits!

Feel free to leave your comments. We love hearing from visitors.

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