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On February 1st 2009, Wrestlers Rescue began a campaign to raise approximately $20,000 for our mutual friend, Steve Williams.

This “Shootin’ The Crap” DVD personally donated to Wrestlers Rescue for our Dr. Death Campaign by Nora Greenwald and is hand signed on the front cover “Molly” in Blue Sharpie.

Item is accompanied by our COA.

This auction ends on Apr 16, 2009 at 09:29:25 PDT.

Be sure to BID HERE NOW!

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I got a message from Nora today. Please help her out by donating if you can or help spread the word!

I will be jumping into the icy waters of White Bear Lake on Jan 31st to raise money for the special olympics.
I would appreciate your support. If you live in the area, I would love if you could make it in person to cheer me on.

Donate Here – http://specialolympicsminnesota.org/

Thanks so much!

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Message from Miss Green: “Hi wrestling fans! This is Nora Greenwald aka former WWE Diva and 2x Womens Champion Molly Holly. I still receive many requests for my autograph. Since I find myself not having enough time to fulfill these requests by mail on my own I have asked my friends at CD’s Collectibles to help me with their service to provide them directly to you on my behalf. Here you will find authentic autographed trading cards, 8×10’s, title belts, event worn outfits and many more one of a kind items signed with special inscriptions in unique marker colors that you will only find here! I have personalized these items exclusively for CD’s eBay store and they will not be available anywhere else! I hope you find an item that you would enjoy on display. I appreciate and can’t THANK YOU enough for all of your support over the years. Thanks soooo much! LOVE and GOD bless, Nora”

Nora is unsure which event this was worn on as she did many many shoots over her 5 years in WWE. Some of which never made it to print so years later it is hard to determine which exact shoot they came from. However, it is guaranteed authentic from an official WWE Diva’s photo shoot!


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As you can see above, Nora has signed some Official and Exclusive items to be sold on eBay. There is a wide variety of different items. You have signed and kissed promos, signed trading cards, signed trading cards with captions, and much more. There are limited amounts of the items, so be sure to buy them before they run out!! You click look through her store by clicking on the banner above or by clicking HERE. Enjoy!

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MAY 6, 2007 UPDATE
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Question of the Week

Here is the second question for ‘Question of the Week.’ The question was sent in by Scott Anderson.

Question: How did you feel when you stepped off the plane at MSP from Guatemala?
Answer:Warm. And a little worried because I had no idea who was picking me up from the airport. The school just said they would send someone to get me. I was praying I would see someone with my name on a sign. I saw a sign that read ” Lora Greenwald ” Close enough I thought, so I told him that was me, so if there is a Lora that never found her ride- Sorry ;-)

To check out more questions, go here.

Weekend Rewind
We only have caps and video of only one show for this weekend, but we will try to have more caps and videos next weekend! Enjoy the caps and video!


October 28, 2000

{ 198 Photos }
{ 1 Video }


{ Photo 1 } { Photo 2 } { Photo 3 }

We have THREE amazing candids of Nora when she was in Antigua! BIG THANKS to Jorge for sending those candids!

That’s not all! We have a new scan of Nora from the WWE Magazine June 2007. To check it out, go here.

Fan Encounter
Scott Anderson sent in his 3rd encounter of meeting Nora last year on November 4th! It’s a great read, so to read it, go here.

Feel free to leave comments. We love hearing from visitors.

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New Photo of the Month! Since it’s close to Christmas, Nora chose the photo of her in her Christmas outfit with Crash and Bob.

Kyle was kind enough to scan Nora from Pro Wrestling Illustrated January 2007 for Nora-World. I typed up the article for you to read. It’s a great read!

{2 Magazine Scans} {Article}

George e-mailed me a photo of Nora and Ivory with a fan named Hailey. It was taken sometime during their Wedding Tour Wrestling Road Trip.

{1 Photo}

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Some big updates today!

Nora may be not with the WWE anymore, but they still included her in their latest WWE Magazine (December 2006)! It’s an amazing picture. To check it out, click the banner above!

We added 5 photos of Nora from the WWE Yearbook 2006 Edition! To see the scans, click the banner above.

Jason was kind enough to donate his photos of him meeting Nora to Nora-World.org! To see the wonderful pictures, click the banner above!

We added a bunch of photos of Nora on the galleries, so to see what we added, go here and look at the banners in the updates column!

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Yesterday, I got a postcard from Nora in the mail and I wanted to let you know what part of it said.
“Thank you so much for the list of Birthday wishes from fans. It was so fun to read that fans from all over the world knew it was my birthday! Thank you!! Nora’
That was in regards to the birthday site that was put together for her. Thank you to everyone that sent in wishes!

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JULY 20, 2006 UPDATE
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You all know that Dani got to meet Nora last May on the 21st. She took a lot of photos, which are added on the site, but we just added one more photo she took with her regular camera. To check it out, click the banner below.

*3XWrestling Photos*
3X Wrestling was kind enough to give us permission to post the photos they took of Nora at 3XWrestling show! *Thanks to Mike Summers for the heads up!*

*Fans Encounters*
Brian got to meet Nora on July 8th. He gave us permission to post his photos and encounters. The photos will be added sometime today or tomorrow, but his encounters have been posted. To read both of them, go here.
Scott Anderson sent in his encounter from when he met Nora for the first time. To read it, go here.

*NWO Gallery Updates*
Dani and I have been working on the gallery a lot recently. We added more titantrons caps! Screen Caps
– Molly #6
– Molly #7

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JULY 16, 2006 UPDATE
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Carmie McMahon of 3XWrestling was kind enough to donate the photos of Nora at the show to Nora-World.org! She looks AMAZING!! To see the photos, click the banner below.

Thanks Carmie!

As you see in the previous update, we added a lot of titantron caps. Well, we added two more titantrons. They are…
– Molly #4
– Molly #5
So go and check them out! :)

AnnThraxx cut a promo claiming to be the best women’s wrestler in the midwest and how she has defeated everyone from Josie to Traci Brooks. She then called Nora Greenwald a has been, this led to Nora coming down the aisle and entering the ring she surprised Thraxxy by tapping on her shoulder. Thraxx turned around to a kick to the gut and was shot into the ropes by Nora, Thraxx ducked the arm of Nora and bailed out of the ring.
Credit:3X Wrestling
Will there be a match between Ann Thraxx and Nora? We’ll have to wait and see!

Amanda was sweet enough to donate her pictures of Nora from a house show back on January 31, 2004 in Dayton, OH. Click the banner below to check the photos out!

We added a lot of caps to the gallery site!
Screen Caps
Pay Per Views
– Backlash 2003
– Molly #1
– Molly #3
– Jacqueline #2
– Jazz #2
– Trish Stratus #5
– Victoria #4
– Victoria #5 We added a fan encounter from Scott Anderson. He got his chance to meet Nora for the 2nd time! To read his encounter, go here.
Hope you all enjoy this update!

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Nora Greenwald
Name: Nora Kristina Greenwald-Benshoof
From: Minnesota
Birthday: September 7, 1977
Alias: Lady Ophelia, Starla Saxton, Mona, Miss Madness, Molly Holly, Mighty Molly
Quick-Bits: Two time former WWE Women's Champion, one time former WWE Hardcore Champion, appears at various independent wrestling shows and conventions, released a Shoot Interview DVD titled "Shootin the Shi... Crap", Married to Geno Benshoof, counselor at Minnesota Teen Challenge, WWE Hall of Famer (Class of 2021).

Elite Affiliates

Website Information
Website Owner: Dani
Website Launched: August 3, 2003
Design Credit: Christine at PinkChaos.org

Did you have the pleasure of meeting Nora Greenwald and have a photo with her? Have you seen her wrestle live at house shows, television tapings, Pay Per Views or other events and had taken candid photos to capture the memories? Want to share your photos with other us, just e-mail me at dani@nora-world.org and I will gladly add your photos to the site will full credit to you.

Contact Information
Website Owner: Dani
E-mail: dani@nora-world.org

Legal Information
Nora-World.org IS Nora Greenwals's official web site. I am not Nora Greenwald - this is a site to keep you up-to-date on all the latest happenings of Nora Greenwald herself. All television captures, photoshoot or digital photos are copyrighted to World Wrestling Entertainment and other Federations that appear on this site unless stated otherwise. NO copyright infringement is intended. We do NOT under any circumstances claim ownership over any multimedia posted on this website. All photos are being used under fair copyright law 107