April 29th, 2007
 "APRIL 29, 2007 UPDATE"

Question of the Week

Nora sent in her answer to the first question we sent her. The first question was asked by JS.

Question: I’ve always wondered why you left Minnesota for Florida right out of high school?
Answer:Great question! A few of my friends were moving down there and they invited me to join them. I thought I would just stay down there until I ran out of money. I told my family I was just going on a long vacation. I had no idea it would be a vacation that lasted over 5 years! Moving across the country right out of high school was a wonderful way to jump right into real life. I learned many important lessons my first few years there, and Florida will always hold a special place in my heart.

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Weekend Rewind
Since it’s the weekend, it means Weekend Rewind! Once again, we have caps and videos of a lot of different shows of Molly when she was a blonde. Great shows!

Monday Night Raw

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