We have a lot of exclusive updates today!

(Please Credit Nora-World.org for any of this information)

Nora sent us in a list of thing she is thankful for.
My family
My friends
My health
My Country (good ol’ US of A)
My 1965 Oldsmobile Delta 88
My mom’s pecan pie
and I am thankful for Blue Blocker Sunglasses (available at Walgreens)

Dani & I would like to share with everyone one thing we are Thankful for this year as well. We are honored to announce that Nora-World.org is now Nora’s very own OFFICIAL site! We want to Thank Nora from the bottom of our hearts to give us this wonderful opportunity and privilege to be her official site! We have some treats for you to announce that this is now her official site!

Nora sent in 4 wonderful photos. Thanks Nora!

{Family Photo}

{Friends Photos}

As you all knew, Amir ran Pure & Wholesome, but he recently left. So Dani and I decided to take over and revamped the site and renamed it ‘The Molly Media Museum’. To check it out, click the banner below!

Nora-Galleries.com now has over 20,000 photos! We recently added a lot of new photos. To check them out, go here and check the banners in the right column!

Feel free to comment on the updates. We hope you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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