#APRIL 29, 2007 UPDATE

Question of the Week

Nora sent in her answer to the first question we sent her. The first question was asked by JS.

Question: I’ve always wondered why you left Minnesota for Florida right out of high school?
Answer:Great question! A few of my friends were moving down there and they invited me to join them. I thought I would just stay down there until I ran out of money. I told my family I was just going on a long vacation. I had no idea it would be a vacation that lasted over 5 years! Moving across the country right out of high school was a wonderful way to jump right into real life. I learned many important lessons my first few years there, and Florida will always hold a special place in my heart.

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Weekend Rewind
Since it’s the weekend, it means Weekend Rewind! Once again, we have caps and videos of a lot of different shows of Molly when she was a blonde. Great shows!

Monday Night Raw

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