#APRIL 23, 2007 UPDATE

You fans are going to love this. We, along with Nora herself, decided to allow you visitors send in questions you may have for Nora. We will pass the question along to Nora weekly and when the question is answered by Nora, we will post it in the ‘Question of the Week’ section. So go here to check it out!

Weekend Rewind
Make sure you come and visit every weekend because we now are going to start ‘Weekend Rewind’ where we will post caps and videos of Nora’s past days in the WWF/E or maybe even when she was in WCW! We have SIX different shows of Nora when she was with Spike Dudley! Not only those caps and videos, we also included caps and videos of two different dates of Nora when she was a brunette Molly Holly!

Monday Night Raw

May 21, 2001 February 10, 2003

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November 17, 2003

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