#JULY 20, 2006 UPDATE

You all know that Dani got to meet Nora last May on the 21st. She took a lot of photos, which are added on the site, but we just added one more photo she took with her regular camera. To check it out, click the banner below.

*3XWrestling Photos*
3X Wrestling was kind enough to give us permission to post the photos they took of Nora at 3XWrestling show! *Thanks to Mike Summers for the heads up!*

*Fans Encounters*
Brian got to meet Nora on July 8th. He gave us permission to post his photos and encounters. The photos will be added sometime today or tomorrow, but his encounters have been posted. To read both of them, go here.
Scott Anderson sent in his encounter from when he met Nora for the first time. To read it, go here.

*NWO Gallery Updates*
Dani and I have been working on the gallery a lot recently. We added more titantrons caps! Screen Caps
– Molly #6
– Molly #7

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