#MAY 6, 2007 UPDATE

Question of the Week

Here is the second question for ‘Question of the Week.’ The question was sent in by Scott Anderson.

Question: How did you feel when you stepped off the plane at MSP from Guatemala?
Answer:Warm. And a little worried because I had no idea who was picking me up from the airport. The school just said they would send someone to get me. I was praying I would see someone with my name on a sign. I saw a sign that read ” Lora Greenwald ” Close enough I thought, so I told him that was me, so if there is a Lora that never found her ride- Sorry ;-)

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Weekend Rewind
We only have caps and video of only one show for this weekend, but we will try to have more caps and videos next weekend! Enjoy the caps and video!


October 28, 2000

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We have THREE amazing candids of Nora when she was in Antigua! BIG THANKS to Jorge for sending those candids!

That’s not all! We have a new scan of Nora from the WWE Magazine June 2007. To check it out, go here.

Fan Encounter
Scott Anderson sent in his 3rd encounter of meeting Nora last year on November 4th! It’s a great read, so to read it, go here.

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