October 26th, 2006
 "OCTOBER 26, 2006 UPDATE"

Some big updates today!

Nora may be not with the WWE anymore, but they still included her in their latest WWE Magazine (December 2006)! It’s an amazing picture. To check it out, click the banner above!

We added 5 photos of Nora from the WWE Yearbook 2006 Edition! To see the scans, click the banner above.

Jason was kind enough to donate his photos of him meeting Nora to Nora-World.org! To see the wonderful pictures, click the banner above!

We added a bunch of photos of Nora on the galleries, so to see what we added, go here and look at the banners in the updates column!

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October 19th, 2006
 "OCTOBER 19, 2006 UPDATE"

New layout! Thanks to Mick! It turned out to be really cute!

New Photo of the Month! Thanks to Nora for sending the photo!

We added a scan of Nora in a Pro Wrestling Illustrated Magazine from January 2002. Click the banner above to see the wonderful scan! To read the article that went with the scan, click here.

We also added photos from Lisa and Nora’s myspace. If you haven’t seen the photos yet, click the banner above!

Feel free to leave your comments about the updates, we love hearing from the visitors.

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October 9th, 2006

Nora was such a sweetie! I had a WONDERFUL time meeting her. I sure hope I will get to meet her again soon! To read the encounter I typed, go here. I took some photos for the site.

To see photos I took, click the banner below.

To see the autographs she signed for me, click the banner below.

To see the autograph I got for Dani, click the banner below.

If you went to the show, feel free to send your photos and encounter here. Full credit will be given.

We do have some more exclusive photos, but I will add them sometime later. So be sure to come back!

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September 27th, 2006

Be a roadie with Nora and Lisa! Join their site KickinAssForGas.com! It’s only $2.95 so join now see the exclusive content! So far on opening day, there are 7 photos and a video of Lisa and Nora. And I’m sure there is plenty more to come! So go join now! It’s for a good cause!

MondayNightMayhem.com is their official sponsor. So don’t forget to check out that site as well for news! Join their forum were Nora and Lisa have posted about their trip.

Cambridge Times did an article about Nora. Read it here.

And finally, I capped the video from KickinAssForGas.com and you can view the captures here.

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July 29th, 2006
 "JULY 29, 2006 UPDATE"

Nora informed us the other day that she recently did a new interview. The interview was done with WorldWrestlingInsanity.com. You can download the audio interview here. A transcpirt or summary will be posted when available.

Site News: Nora-World.org is proud to announce we now have the largest online video collection of Nora Videos for download. Thanks to Amir, co-webby of Pure and Wholesome, we have created a subsite for the videos that he will be updating with past videos for your viewing pleasure!

As reported earlier, Nora did an appearance for Pro Wrestling America. I found a photo of her and added it to the gallery. Click on the graphic below to view it.

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July 20th, 2006
 "JULY 20, 2006 UPDATE"

You all know that Dani got to meet Nora last May on the 21st. She took a lot of photos, which are added on the site, but we just added one more photo she took with her regular camera. To check it out, click the banner below.

*3XWrestling Photos*
3X Wrestling was kind enough to give us permission to post the photos they took of Nora at 3XWrestling show! *Thanks to Mike Summers for the heads up!*

*Fans Encounters*
Brian got to meet Nora on July 8th. He gave us permission to post his photos and encounters. The photos will be added sometime today or tomorrow, but his encounters have been posted. To read both of them, go here.
Scott Anderson sent in his encounter from when he met Nora for the first time. To read it, go here.

*NWO Gallery Updates*
Dani and I have been working on the gallery a lot recently. We added more titantrons caps! Screen Caps
– Molly #6
– Molly #7

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July 16th, 2006
 "JULY 16, 2006 UPDATE"

Carmie McMahon of 3XWrestling was kind enough to donate the photos of Nora at the show to Nora-World.org! She looks AMAZING!! To see the photos, click the banner below.

Thanks Carmie!

As you see in the previous update, we added a lot of titantron caps. Well, we added two more titantrons. They are…
– Molly #4
– Molly #5
So go and check them out! :)

AnnThraxx cut a promo claiming to be the best women’s wrestler in the midwest and how she has defeated everyone from Josie to Traci Brooks. She then called Nora Greenwald a has been, this led to Nora coming down the aisle and entering the ring she surprised Thraxxy by tapping on her shoulder. Thraxx turned around to a kick to the gut and was shot into the ropes by Nora, Thraxx ducked the arm of Nora and bailed out of the ring.
Credit:3X Wrestling
Will there be a match between Ann Thraxx and Nora? We’ll have to wait and see!

Amanda was sweet enough to donate her pictures of Nora from a house show back on January 31, 2004 in Dayton, OH. Click the banner below to check the photos out!

We added a lot of caps to the gallery site!
Screen Caps
Pay Per Views
– Backlash 2003
– Molly #1
– Molly #3
– Jacqueline #2
– Jazz #2
– Trish Stratus #5
– Victoria #4
– Victoria #5 We added a fan encounter from Scott Anderson. He got his chance to meet Nora for the 2nd time! To read his encounter, go here.
Hope you all enjoy this update!

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June 13th, 2006
 "JUNE 13, 2006 UPDATE"

Carol was kind enough to send Nora-World.org a couple of wonderful pictures she took at the convention on June 3, 2006! There will be more pictures from Carol, but we should have them by next week. To see the photos, click the banner below.

Nora confirmed the show she’s going to attend this weekend.

Tickets are $15 for each show or $25 for a Weekend Pass in Advance!

Night 1
Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup 2006
Friday, June 16th 8 PM
Sanford Civic Center
401 East Seminole Blvd
Sanford, Florida

Tickets Available online at http://www.pwwf.com/peterson and at:

Ray’s Appliances
318 S. French Ave, Sanford, FL 32771
Phone: (407) 328-0083

Night 2
Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup 2006
Saturday, June 17th 8 PM
The Boys and Girls Club of Pinellas Park
7790 61st Street N
Pinellas Park, FL

Tickets Available online at http://www.pwwf.com/peterson and at:

Crazy Dave’s Sports Bar
201 Keene Rd
Largo, FL
727 531-5518

Note: If you are going to attend these shows, please feel free to send in your photos and encounters! Full credit will be given!

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June 7th, 2006
 "JUNE 7, 2006 UPDATE"

Dave Prazak of ShimmerWrestling.com was kind enough to send us two photos taken by Shimmer Photographer Jill McKee. One is Portia Perez & Nora and the other is of Lacey, Josie, Nora, Ann “Thraxx” Brookstone, & Rain.

To see the photos, click here.

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