Good Golly Miss Molly
January 2002
By: Bill Seraphin Jr.

Kudos to PWI for the special Women of Wrestling issue. I don’t envy your staff for having to choose which 100 women to include. For me, though, it wasn’t hard to choose a number-one beauty, Molly Holly.

Why Molly Holly, you ask? She has natural beauty and doesn’t flaunt her body. She isn’t overly muscular and yet won’t back down for anyone. Plus she really knows how to wrestle, unlike Trish, and she has that whole-some, girl-next-door quality that you don’t find in Lita. The best example of her beauty is found in her photo on page 56, in her days as Starla Sexton.

She may not have Stacy Keibler’s long legs, she may not show as much skin as Lita, and she may not be as muscular as Chyna, but Molly doesn’t have to be any of those things to be beautiful. She probably won’t win your poll, but at least she should know that there is one person who thinks she is the most beautiful woman in pro wrestling.

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