Digital Images of Molly at Wrestlemania 37
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WWE Wrestlemania 37 WWE Wrestlemania 37 WWE Wrestlemania 37 WWE Wrestlemania 37

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I’m back! I’ve been around for a while but too tired and worn out to really do anything but cap the shows. (Thats a lot of work too, so by the time I was done with that, I was dead tired again.) A big thanks to Megan for taking over while I was gone. I will try to update more often. A lot is still going on, but I will try my best.

WrestleManiaXX sounded like it was something else. I just got a copy of the show today so I will try to have the caps for you tomorrow.

I added 33 RAW caps for everyone. Click on the banner above to check them out. I felt so bad for Molly when Lita pulled off her wig but Molly is still so beautiful.

I was surfing the web the other day and I came across a deck of RAW Deal cards with Molly on the box!

NEWS: Molly Holly has been receiving praise recently for her dedication and work ethic. She has even begun to call her own matches in the ring and is always happy to dish out advice to lesser-experienced wrestlers. The fact that she was willing to shave her head at ‘Mania also went down very well with Vince McMahon and the rest of WWE management. A source told me: “Molly is probably the best female performer we have and the locker room is beginning to realize it.”
Credit: WRESTLING 365 NEWSLETTER Thursday, March 18, 2004 – Issue #190

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Hey guys! I updated some stuff today. Hope you will enjoy them!:)

I watched Wrestlemania XX and I was so surprised when Molly lost the match. I didn’t even expect that she was going to lose. When Victoria started shaving her head, I’m like NOOOOO lol but yeah. To be honest with you, Molly is really tough and brave to take the challenge. She still looks beautiful even though she’s bald now.

RAW wasn’t that bad last night. I felt so bad for Molly though. I hated it when Lita pulled her wig off. I still love Lita though lol. Her wig wasn’t that bad. Hopefully we will have some caps for you guys soon.

Oh, before I forget, PLEASE vote for Molly to be on the cover this year! I think she deserves it after what she’s has went through, ya know? I hope she will win and get to be on the cover! :) Go HERE and vote!

Here are the updates!

Nora Updates
– Added some more Fast Facts
– Added 2 Matches (3/14/04 and 3/15/04) to Match History
– Quotes About Molly
– WWE True or False Issue 2

Media Updates
– Added 1 New Animation
– Added 1 New Wallpaper

Galleries Updates
– Updated

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