November 1st, 2004

So sorry for not updating in a while. :( Dani and I have been sooo busy. We’ll try to update more often so look forward to that. :)

We’re going to try to update more tonight or tomorrow, but we can’t promise anything.

Here are the updates.

Nora Updates
– Added Matches under Match History
– Added Ring Attires page (NOT FINISHED)

Media Updates
– Added 4 Animations

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October 3rd, 2004

Wow, it’s October already? This year is going too fast! Anyways, do you like the new layout?? BIG thanks goes out to Torrie! She did a wonderful job on it! :)

Molly’s hair is really pretty. I love it. Dani and I put up a new Photo of the Week! Doesn’t her hair look great? I love the picture. Molly was pretty cool on RAW.

I got a letter from Molly the other day. It was really awesome. Here is what it says…
Dear Megan,
I just received the photo and sign language book you sent postmarked January. It turned out to be a birthday present. (September 7.) :)
Thank you very much. I hope you enjoy the school year.
*she puts a heart* Molly

I thought that it was really nice of her to write back. I’m going try to get it scanned so I can show it ya’ll. It’s the 4th time I’ve gotten an autograph from Molly. I sent her a sign language book because in the last letter, she said she wanted to learn sign language and I’m deaf so I have a lot of sign language books so I thought to send her one. It was really nice to hear that she got it. :)

Now onto the updates.

Nora Updates
– Added 9/27/04 Match History

Media Updates
– Added 14 Animations

Galleries Updates
– Added Official WWE Promos 1 Photo
– Added Official WWE Auctions 12 Photos
– Added Divas 2004 Magazine 1 Photo
– Added Collectible Autographs 1 Photo

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September 14th, 2004

Molly was awesome last night on RAW. It was good to see her back! I wish she was at Unforgiven though. :(

We are trying to make a layout for Nora’s belated birthday. So look out for that! :) Now onto the updates.

Nora Updates
– Added 9/13/04 Match under Match History

Media Updates
– Added 2 Blends
– Added 5 MSN Icons

Galleries Updates
– Added Action Figure 1 Photo
– Added Autograph 1 Photo
– Added Trading Card (Fortitude) 1 Photo

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September 5th, 2004

Hey, updates again! :) I wish Molly would be on RAW again! :( Maybe tonight she will be so watch RAW tonight! :D Not much to say so here are the updates.

Media Updates
– Added new Blends Page

Galleries Updates
– Added PPV Summerslam 37 Photos
– Added WWE Auctions 9 Photos
– Added F & D Promotion 13 Photos
– Added 2002 Fan Access 4 Photos
– Added ‘The World’ New York City 4 Photos
– Added Others House Shows 13 Photos
– Added PPV Wrestlemania Candids 1 Photo
– Added RAW December 8, 2003 1 Photo
– Added RAW March 1, 2004 1 Photo
– Added Others Special Appearances 3 Photos
– Added With Fans 7 Photos
– Added Autographs 1 Photo

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August 22nd, 2004
 "AUGUST 22, 2004 UPDATE"

Hey! Sorry for not updating for a while. We have been so busy. I just went back to school last Wednesday and I have been getting a lot of homework. I also have to take care of my puppy so everything keeps me busy after school. Dani has been pretty busy too.

But we do have a big surprise for you. We updated the galleries and we added about 57 photos. That’s a lot but we did it for ya’ll. :) Check them out.

Don’t you love the layout? Torrie did a GREAT job on it! It’s for’s 1 year anniversary. Thanks Torrie!! :)

I am so glad Molly isn’t wearing that darn wig anymore. She looks so pretty without it. Summerslam and RAW wasn’t bad. I liked them, but it sucked when the divas gave Lita a cruel bridal shower.

Now onto the updates!! :)

Nora Updates
– Added (8/15/04 and 8/16/04) Matches under Match History

Media Updates
– Added 21 Animations
– Added 1 Wallaper

Galleries Updates
– Added PPV Summerslam 4 Photos
– Added WCW Promos 1 Photo
– Added 5 Photos
– Added WWE Auction 2 Photos
– Added Biography 1 Photo
– Added RAW Mag. Sept 2004 3 Photos
– Added Smackdown Mag. January 2004 2 Photos
– Added The Wrestlers Mag. October 2004 1 Photo
– Added Total Wrestling Mag. May 2004 2 Photos
– Added Women of Wrestling Fall 2004 1 Photo
– Added 2003 Fan Access 2 Photos
– Added 2004 Hall of Fame 1 Photo
– Added Midday Madness 3 Photos
– Added Chris Harvard 1 Photo
– Added Others House Shows 15 Photos
– Added Lilian Garica 3 Photos
– Added Others Misc. 1 Photo
– Added Wrestlemania XX 1 Photo
– Added Parking Lots 4 Photos
– Added New Japan 1 Photo
– Added WCW 2 Photos
– Added Autographs 1 Photo

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July 22nd, 2004
 "JULY 22, 2004 UPDATE"

Dani and I did A LOT of updates! I’m sure you guys will enjoy them.

We added a lot of new pictures to the galleries! We did a lot of work and we did it for ya’ll fans. :) I’m sure you guys are going to enjoy them.

I heard that Molly might be hurt. :( It sucks so I hope she is going to be ok. You can check out what happened in the News section. We will keep ya’ll posted on if she has an injury.

Molly and victoria did a great job on the pay-per-view! I wish Molly would of won! lol But maybe next time she will. :)

Um… what else? Nothing so now onto the updates! :)

Nora Updates
– Added Match History Matches

Media Updates
– Added 10 AIM Buddy Icons (Donated by Torrie!)
– Added 4 Avatars (Donated by Torrie!)
– Added 1 Wallpaper

Galleries Updates
Screen Caps
– Added Sunday Night Heat July 11, 2004 7 Photos
– Added Pay Per View Vengeance July 11, 2004 72 Photos
– Added WWE Official Promos 1 Photo
– Added WWE Official Splashes 1 Photo
– Added Bratar Trade Center 2 Photos
– Added Fan Access 16 Photos
– Added Other House Shows 11 Photos
– Added Japan Other House Shows 2 Photos
– Added Ulimate Pro Wrestling 1 Photo
– Added Ohio Valley Wrestling 1 Photo
– Added Pay Per View Vengeance 6 Photos
– Added RAW October 20, 2003 1 Photo
– Added RAW Others 2 Photos
– Added Donna’s Ride 4 Photos
– Added Fans 1 Photo
– Added New York City 1 Photo
– Added Appearances Others 4 Photos
– Added Parking Lots 13 Photos
– Added RAW X 1 Photo
– Added Sunday Night Heat June 13, 2004 4 Photos

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June 30th, 2004
 "JUNE 30, 2004 UPDATE"

I am glad that you liked the layout!! I love it too. It’s amazing. Thank you for your comments, everybody! :)

It sucked when Molly wasn’t on RAW last Monday. :( I hope she will come back soon!! :)

Oh and don’t worry about tag-board colors. I know it don’t match the layout lol but I forgot the password to change it so I’m going to have wait for Dani to come back and we will change the colors. :)

Um… what else? Nothing so now onto the updates! :)

Nora Updates
– 2003 and 2004 House Show Results under Match History

Media Updates
– Added a new Wallpaper

Galleries Updates
– Added 3 Official WWE Autction Pictures
– Added 1 Fan Photo

Fan Zone Updates
– Added Claire’s Fan Encounter

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June 25th, 2004
 "JUNE 25, 2004 UPDATE"

Hey everybody. Sorry for not updating in a while. I have been so busy.

There won’t be a lot of caps right now because Dani is away on her vacation and she should be back in two weeks. So when she comes back, there will be caps. :)

I was glad to see Molly on RAW last Monday, but it sucked when The Rock pulled the wig off of her, it is getting old of making fun of her about her hair.

Nora Updates
– Added an Article (Wrestlemania XX: The Real Winners and Losers)
– Added RAW Match History (6/21/04)
– Added House Shows (2000-2002) More Coming Soon

Media Updates
– Added 1 Animation

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June 15th, 2004
 "JUNE 15, 2004 UPDATE"

Hey everybody!! We have some good news for you. :) We updated A LOT of stuff recently. A lot of pictures, etc.

Molly was awesome last night. I was glad to see her back on RAW again. :)

Here are the updates.

Nora Updates
– Added an Article (Donna’s Ride)
– Added Match History (6/14/04)
– Added True or False Issue 03

Media Updates
– Added 2 Animations
– Added 2 Wallpapers

Galleries Updates
– Added RAW April 19, 2004 81 Caps
– Added RAW May 3, 2004 52 Caps
– Added RAW May 24, 2004 75 Caps
– Added Heat June 13, 2004 49 Caps
– Added Confidential April 17, 2004 23 Caps
– Added RAW Intro 3 Caps
– Added Official WWF Divas 7 Photos
– Added WCW Miss Madness’99 Photos
– Added WCW Mona 4 Photos
– Added WCW Matches 123 Photos
– Added Fans 1 Photo

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April 23rd, 2004
 "APRIL 23, 2004 UPDATE"

Dani and I did a lot of updates today. We hope you will enjoy them.

Molly was really awesome last Monday on RAW. I think Molly will take the title away from Victoria soon! Who knows? She was pretty cool at Backlash last Sunday too. Her hair is growing so fast!

Dani added a video on the videos page and she also added Arlando’s Issue 3 Column.

Now here are the updates!

Nora Updates
– Added an interview (Here’s a Minnesota wrestler with no political plans) under Interviews
– Added 2 Matches under Match History

Media Updates
– Added 3 Animations
– Added 1 Video

Galleries Updates
– Added 51 Backlash April 18, 2004 Photos
– Added 1 Divas South of the Border Trailers Photo
– Added 4 Photos
– Added 8 RAW House Show January 18, 2004 Photos
– Added 2 Kenny Knoll Photos
– Added 1 RAW Photo
– Added 2 Shane Helms Photos
– Added 1 RAW vs Smackdown Cards Photo

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