Wow, it’s October already? This year is going too fast! Anyways, do you like the new layout?? BIG thanks goes out to Torrie! She did a wonderful job on it! :)

Molly’s hair is really pretty. I love it. Dani and I put up a new Photo of the Week! Doesn’t her hair look great? I love the picture. Molly was pretty cool on RAW.

I got a letter from Molly the other day. It was really awesome. Here is what it says…
Dear Megan,
I just received the photo and sign language book you sent postmarked January. It turned out to be a birthday present. (September 7.) :)
Thank you very much. I hope you enjoy the school year.
*she puts a heart* Molly

I thought that it was really nice of her to write back. I’m going try to get it scanned so I can show it ya’ll. It’s the 4th time I’ve gotten an autograph from Molly. I sent her a sign language book because in the last letter, she said she wanted to learn sign language and I’m deaf so I have a lot of sign language books so I thought to send her one. It was really nice to hear that she got it. :)

Now onto the updates.

Nora Updates
– Added 9/27/04 Match History

Media Updates
– Added 14 Animations

Galleries Updates
– Added Official WWE Promos 1 Photo
– Added Official WWE Auctions 12 Photos
– Added Divas 2004 Magazine 1 Photo
– Added Collectible Autographs 1 Photo

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