#APRIL 23, 2004 UPDATE

Dani and I did a lot of updates today. We hope you will enjoy them.

Molly was really awesome last Monday on RAW. I think Molly will take the title away from Victoria soon! Who knows? She was pretty cool at Backlash last Sunday too. Her hair is growing so fast!

Dani added a video on the videos page and she also added Arlando’s Issue 3 Column.

Now here are the updates!

Nora Updates
– Added an interview (Here’s a Minnesota wrestler with no political plans) under Interviews
– Added 2 Matches under Match History

Media Updates
– Added 3 Animations
– Added 1 Video

Galleries Updates
– Added 51 Backlash April 18, 2004 Photos
– Added 1 Divas South of the Border Trailers Photo
– Added 4 WWE.com Photos
– Added 8 RAW House Show January 18, 2004 Photos
– Added 2 Kenny Knoll Photos
– Added 1 RAW Photo
– Added 2 Shane Helms Photos
– Added 1 RAW vs Smackdown Cards Photo

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