#JUNE 30, 2004 UPDATE

I am glad that you liked the layout!! I love it too. It’s amazing. Thank you for your comments, everybody! :)

It sucked when Molly wasn’t on RAW last Monday. :( I hope she will come back soon!! :)

Oh and don’t worry about tag-board colors. I know it don’t match the layout lol but I forgot the password to change it so I’m going to have wait for Dani to come back and we will change the colors. :)

Um… what else? Nothing so now onto the updates! :)

Nora Updates
– 2003 and 2004 House Show Results under Match History

Media Updates
– Added a new Wallpaper

Galleries Updates
– Added 3 Official WWE Autction Pictures
– Added 1 Fan Photo

Fan Zone Updates
– Added Claire’s Fan Encounter

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