January 24th, 2004
 "JANUARY 24, 2004 UPDATE"

Just a small update. More later today

Nora Updates
– Changed Biography and WWE Profile Photos

Media Updates
– Added 3 New PSDs

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January 21st, 2004
 "JANUARY 21, 2004 UPDATE"

Here are a few updates for you guys. There should be more this weekend.

Nora Updates
– Added 1 Match History

Media Updates
– PSD page is up

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January 17th, 2004
 "JANUARY 17, 2004 UPDATE"

Hi guys! I updated some things today. Last night I went through the whole site to make there isn’t any spelling incorrect and everything. Now everything looks great! :)

Freebies section is gonna be open soon! I am gonna start working on them right after this update! :)

I finally got the chance to scan the autographed photo I got. Here they are. I also put them in the galleries. I am sorry, but I decided not to scan the letter, because it is personal. I don’t want everybody to know what she wrote to me in the letter. I hope you understand.

Now here are the updates!

Nora Updates
– Added 1 Fast Fact

Media Updates
– Added 404 Error Page

Galleries Updates
– Added 1 Candid – Added 2 Autographs

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January 15th, 2004
 "JANUARY 15, 2004 UPDATE"

So sorry for not updating in a while. I have been so busy with school. We did update a lot for you guys though. :)

Dani and I have decided to create a new section for you guys. It is not done yet. It’s called Freebies where you can take things like hiatus banners, layouts, etc. of Molly for your site. Remember one thing though, CREDIT us. :)

Just last Monday, I got a letter and an autographed picture from Molly. It was the most exciting thing that ever has happened to me. I hope I will be able to scan them for me. Whenever I do, I’ll put them here. It’s pretty amazing.

Myself, Chris and Nora-World.org viewers would like to thank Dani for all of her hard work and all. When I wasn’t on a lot because of the flu, she kept the site pretty well all by herself. I’m impressed with ya, girl. :) Now, here are the updates! :)

Nora Updates
– Match History 2004

Media Updates
– Added 1 Animation
– Added 15 MSN Icons

Galleries Updates
– Added RAW January 5, 2003 Caps
– Added Total Wrestling Magazine and RAW January 2004 Magazine
– Candids

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January 1st, 2004

Sorry for not updating for a few days. I was very sick and I still am. :( I think I have flu. Oh well, lol but it really sucks.

Anyway, I really hope you guys like the new layout! It is so amazing. I love it a lot. Thanks Erwin for making it for us! Your awesome, lol. :) Here are the updates. :)

Nora Updates
– Changed Biography and WWE Profile Pictures

Media Updates
– Added 1 new AIM Buddy Icon
– Added MSN Icons Page
– Added 1 Wallpaper

Happy New Year, everybody! :)

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December 29th, 2003

It feels good to update again, lol. My dad finally got my new computer fixed. It’s so awesome. I got FTP and everything so I am glad that I can update again, hehe. I hope your Christmas was good. Mine was. Lots of food, yummy! :) Check out that Photo of the Week, funny, ain’t it? Chris made it. Thanks Chris! :) By the way, that kitty is Dani’s. :)

I am glad that Molly is still the champ. She deserves it. She will go against Victoria tonight on RAW for the title! I hope that she will win! Let’s hope and pray. Don’t forget to watch her! :) Here are the updates.

Nora Updates
– Match History

Media Updates
– 2 new Animations

Galleries Updates
– Updated a lot of stuff! :)

That’s all! :)

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November 18th, 2003

Well, as you can see we got the new layout up. Its been up for a long time now but I never got to post about it. Megan made the layout and I made the splash! Hope you like it! I really like how it turned out.

Some VERY good news. We now have two new staff members to Nora-World. I would like to welcome Nick and Chris, whom are both columnist for the site! Welcome guys! Their work is great so dont miss out on their weekly columns.

The galleries should be up soon. I’ve almost figured out how to get them to work but I still need time, so please hang in there and be patient.

Now onto the updates!

Nora Updates
– Updated Match History (10/27/03, 11/03/03, & 11/10/03)

Media Updates
– Added 12 Molly Dolls (Made by me)

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October 5th, 2003

I am really sorry for the lack of updates. Dani and I do have good news for you fans though. For all of you fans who sent interaction submissions, to join the campaign, etc., please resend again because the forms weren’t working. Thanks. We added A LOT of new stuff under Media. We worked really hard and that is why we haven’t been able to update. Molly was awesome last Monday on Raw. We will add caps as soon as we get the galleries up. Here are the updates. Enjoy! :)

Nora Updates
– Added two facts in fast facts
– Added 1 Match in Match History
– Added 1 Quote

Media Updates
– 85 new AIM Buddy Icons
– 3 new Animations
– 113 new Avatars
– 5 new Gift Tags
– Added 2 new Pages – I think Nora is… and I wish I had Nora Greenwald’s…
– 4 new Wallpapers

Fan Zone Updates
– Added 1 Letter

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September 15th, 2003

We’re still working on the galleries. Hopefully we will find someone to host the galleries. If you know any sites, please let us know! Thanks. :) I can’t wait to see Molly on RAW tonight! It’s going to be awesome and I think Lita is gonna come back tonight. :) Here are the updates.

Nora Updates
Changed the pictures in Biography and WWE Profile
2 New Articles – Molly Holly’s Passion for Classic Wheels Rides on Queen of the Road and She’s bad because she wants to be
Added 1 match in Match History

Media Updates
1 new animation
1 new wallpaper

Fan Zone Updates
New section – Letters from Molly

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August 12th, 2003
 "AUGUST 12, 2003 UPDATE"

Molly was A-W-E-S-O-M-E on Raw! I love her new outfit, it’s really cute! :) Dani and I decided to make a campaign for Nora Greenwald AKA Molly. It’s a campaign for fans to join to show Nora we support her. Go here if you’re a fan! :) Here are some updates.

Nora Updates
Added a match in Match History

Media Updates
Added an Animation

Gallery Updates
Added August 11, 2003 RAW Caps
Added PPVs Caps
Added a WWF Diva Photo
Added some more WWE.com pictures

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