Well, as you can see we got the new layout up. Its been up for a long time now but I never got to post about it. Megan made the layout and I made the splash! Hope you like it! I really like how it turned out.

Some VERY good news. We now have two new staff members to Nora-World. I would like to welcome Nick and Chris, whom are both columnist for the site! Welcome guys! Their work is great so dont miss out on their weekly columns.

The galleries should be up soon. I’ve almost figured out how to get them to work but I still need time, so please hang in there and be patient.

Now onto the updates!

Nora Updates
– Updated Match History (10/27/03, 11/03/03, & 11/10/03)

Media Updates
– Added 12 Molly Dolls (Made by me)

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