So sorry for not updating in a while. I have been so busy with school. We did update a lot for you guys though. :)

Dani and I have decided to create a new section for you guys. It is not done yet. It’s called Freebies where you can take things like hiatus banners, layouts, etc. of Molly for your site. Remember one thing though, CREDIT us. :)

Just last Monday, I got a letter and an autographed picture from Molly. It was the most exciting thing that ever has happened to me. I hope I will be able to scan them for me. Whenever I do, I’ll put them here. It’s pretty amazing.

Myself, Chris and Nora-World.org viewers would like to thank Dani for all of her hard work and all. When I wasn’t on a lot because of the flu, she kept the site pretty well all by herself. I’m impressed with ya, girl. :) Now, here are the updates! :)

Nora Updates
– Match History 2004

Media Updates
– Added 1 Animation
– Added 15 MSN Icons

Galleries Updates
– Added RAW January 5, 2003 Caps
– Added Total Wrestling Magazine and RAW January 2004 Magazine
– Candids

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