As some of you may know, there is rumor going around on the internet about Nora’s return to wrestling. The rumor read as
“Dave Meltzer has reported to expect Nora Greenwald (former WWE Womens Champion, Molly Holly) to return to RAW next week in some sort of capacity with Melina and Mickie James as Vince McMahon is somewhat very high on having Nora return to the womens division scene.”
We of course went to Nora to get the real deal and inside scoop on this and here is what she had to say,
“Wow, it is always nice to get a mention on a rumor site. Vince hasn’t called me, but maybe it’s because I don’t have a phone here in Guatemala. ;-) Buen Dia, Nora”
So as we all know now, this rumor is FALSE!

New Photo of the Month for April. Thanks to Nora to sending it in to us!

Exclusive Interview With Terri (Tori) Poch!

Interview with Terri Poch aka Former WWF Diva Tori
I am very proud and pleased to announce that Terri “Tori” Poch has agreed to do an exclusive interview with us here at Nora-World.org. She is willing to answer questions about herself and about working with Nora. Don’t miss this opportunity! Click on the banner above to submit you questions. You have until the end of April and then in the beginning of May we will post the full interview here on Nora-World.org.

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