#JUNE 1, 2006 UPDATE

Saturday June 3, 2006
Wrestling Reunion IV – Clash of the Promoters

9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Holiday Inn
1000 Roosevelt Ave.
Carteret, NJ 07008

For More Information:
E-Mail: Thomas Rivera – WrestleReunion@aol.comWrestleReunion@aol.com
Phone#: 908-928-1502

General Admission: Only $10

Autograph Prices: Nora Greenwald…..$10
Polaroid Prices: All Polaroid photos (or with your own camera)…..$10

Note: If you are going to attend the show, please feel free to send in your photos and encounters! Credit will be given!

Nora sent me a list of the shows she’s going to attend, but we have to find information for them first.

Nora also wanted me to let you all know that she has a stack of fan mail 1 foot high she hasn’t read yet, she asks for you all to be patient… she is having a very busy summer.

More updates to come later!!

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