Well, where to start. Again, sorry for not updating forever. I had a blonde moment with the computer and couldn’t view the site to update til today and then I got a call to babysit and just got home now (1 AM). But yet here I am, updating for you cuz its way overdue! Its not much but its all I can do right now since I’m dead tired. More tomorrow when I’m not shopping!
I hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas and I hope you got all the presents that you wanted! I got two presents for all of you! You’re gonna love them! First is the new “Photo of the Day” Graphic. I know its not a photo but I made it for you, feel free to put on your site as a ‘fan sign’ as some would call it and just link it back here if you wouldn’t mind : ) The second present is…. THE GALLERIES ARE BACK UP! Megan and I worked long and hard on them and I think they look great! I’m missing a few new caps but I will work on them this week!

Well, thats all! I hope you liked the update and enjoy the Galleries! JUST DONT STEAL OUR WORK! Happy Holidays Everyone!!

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