Sorry for the lack of updates. I was waiting to update because Megan and I have a new layout for the site but Megan’s computer still isn’t working so we haven’t been able to completely finish it yet. It should be up soon though. If you could, please e-mail me, Dani, with ideas for the site or tell me what you want to see more up and we will work on it for the next update!

Now onto the updates!

Nora Updates
– Changed the Biography Photo
– Changed the WWE Profile Photo
– Updated Match History (10/20/03)

WANTED – Columnist: Some who would write a WEEKLY column for the site about Molly. Please send either Megan or myself a sample of your work!
Gallery host: If you have a domain and are willing to host our gallery, please contact us! We are desperately looking for a host for the galleries!!!

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