#JULY 25, 2005

The following is a recap of Nora’s radio appearance on WCCO 830 AM, please credit Molly-Net.org if you post elsewhere.

Nora Joined the show and she said she was here to promote her signing that she will be doing this Saturday at the first avenue show. She announced that next month she will release her Shoot DVD (which she co produced) in which she will reveal as to why she left the WWE. The DVD will feature interviews with some of her friends and family. It will feature footage of her before she was in the WWE.

To the question as what is she up to now, she is very interested in the independent circuit now. She however never specified if she wanted to get involved with it as far as wrestling wise.

Also, in the question to whether she made some good money in the WWE, she responded with “Vince McMahon treated me very well.” She said she had a wonderful time in the WWE and may return some day.

They mentioned a Lingerie match that will take place at tomorrows show, Nora said she never competed in one. They the praised her as pure athlete and a great wrestler. On the topic of Names, Nora says she is used to be called Molly and she doesn’t mind.

On the question of travel with male superstars, Nora stated that it was fun having big brothers type of friends and that she enjoys visiting the tourist attractions and has taken plenty of photos. On the topic of wrestling, Nora highly recommends getting involved in a wrestling camp, as that “is the best way to go.”

She was then asked about injuries that she has sustained during her career, she was given a concussion via a head lock take over which she describes as a simple move. She suffered the effects from it roughly a week. She commented it was pretty scary.

When asked what’s the most thrilling move she gives, she said her Molly Go Round finisher because it incorporated gymnastics as which she has a background in. She then described it and said it was fun to squash her opponent. She has noted she hasn’t seen any type of copies of the move recently.

She was then asked if she was ever placed in a sleeper hold, she said yes and that it does work. Even with a little bit of pressure.

She then promoted her show tomorrow saying she will be doing autographs on 8×10’s during intermission also you can have Polaroid’s taken with her for only ten dollars.

Molly doesn’t know whether or not she wants to wrestle again. She says that maybe she would want to be an announcer or interviewer if she would return to the WWE so soon, this way she can still travel.

Chyna was the toughest person she has ever faced. Also, Molly weighed around 140 while wrestling.

Thanks to Molly-Net.org for allowing us to use the recap.

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