June 4th
I know it has been a long time since my last journal entry. Life has been Crazy Busy- just the way I like it.

Some highlights from May:
I made a road trip to BFE, South Dakota to visit my cousins. They have a farm with tons of animals. I got slobbered on by St. Bernards and stepped in plenty of poo but had a great time.
I had a friend visit from Florida. It was around 50 degrees. We went to a Twins game and went to the Mall of America’s Theme Park.
I went to a girls wrestling show called SHIMMER in Chicago. I was so impressed with all of the new talent out there. The girls gave 110% and put on a great show.
I went to a birthday party with a “Prom Theme”. I wore the blond wig to look more glamorous. My date is my good friend we call “Pilot Nick.” (Isn’t he cute!?)
I had a friend visit from Kansas City. He was looking forward to getting out of the MO heat and humidity, but ended up visiting during a MN record high of 97 degrees- like we say in MN “UFF-DA”.

June 5th
I have been helping my friend Joel build a house.
I was just in NJ this weekend. I got to see my old “boyfriend” Spike, Dawn Marie, Luna, Gangrel, and Hector Guerrero at the Wrestling reunion. Then I went to a show in Toms River where I got to watch Christian Cage and AJ Styles wrestle. Those guys are not only great in the ring; they are also wonderful human beings. I have to say the highlight of the trip was meeting the “Heart Throbs” Romeo and Antonio. I am huge fans of theirs and they were super nice.
I head to OVW this week just to generate more rumors about me going to the WWE. Haha. I will be hanging out all weekend, mostly just for fun.

• PHOTO #1 •
Nora giving Nick a kiss

• PHOTO #2 •
Nora and her fan, Danielle

• PHOTO #3 •
Nora sawing

• PHOTO #4 •
Nora’s 2nd cousin

• PHOTO #5 •
Nora with Shimmer divas

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