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Fulfill Your Fantasy Battle Royal fo the Women’s Championship
Coach then got on the mic as the WWE Diva’s made their way out on the stage. We are going to find out what there attire will be tonight. Coach said we are going to ask the live audience first. They booed for nurses, cheered for French maids and popped for school girls. Coach then announced that the internet audience had voted for school girls, getting 53% of the vote.

Trish Stratus vs. Nidia vs. Gail Kim vs. Victoria vs. Molly Holly vs. Jazz vs. Stacy

Lilian informed us the participants must be thrown through the ropes to be eliminated. The ladies got it on with Trish and Gail working against Victoria. Molly worked over Stacy and Nidia and jazz went at it. Jazz eliminated Nidia and then Victoria attacked Jazz from behind with a back suplex and tried to eliminate her, and did with a baseball slide. Gail Kim tried to eliminated Victoria, but Victoria reversed and got her out. Victoria then worked over Molly as Trish choked Stacy. Stacy got Trish is the corner with her long legs as Molly hit the handspring elbow on Victoria. Molly then attacked Stacy from behind and she and Trish gave Stacy a suplex, but she landed on the apron with help from Victoria. Stacy kicked Trish on the mat as Victoria worked on Trish. Stacy was knocked down with an elbow by Trish and then Trish made a save for Molly. Molly and Trish then catapulted Victoria over the top and Stacy is left with Molly and Trish. Trish slapped Stacy and Molly choked away at her. Trish then wrapped Stacy’s leg around the rope and wrenched on it. Trish scored with a snap suplex and then used her hair ribbon to choke Stacy. Stacy fought back with an elbow but Molly kicked her in the corner and then Trish held Stacy and Molly went for a move but Stacy kicked her and then knocked them both down. Stacy then went to eliminate Trish, but Trish barely held on. Stacy was then sent to the apron by Molly and knocked off. Molly then celebrated her win and Trish came from behind to eliminate Molly and Trish has retained her title!

Winner, and still Women’s Champion – Trish Stratus

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