Hey everybody. Few updates today. Molly did great on Heat and Raw. She was really awesome. I think she’s going to start fued with Trish or Victoria, but I think it’s gonna be Victoria. Who knows?

There is new picture of the week, and Dani scanned it. You must give us credit if you are going to take it. We can’t label the picture, otherwise Active Web Hosting would turn this domain off. But we added more scans from the magazine in the galleries! Check it out. :)

Nora-World.org Campaign has a new layout, but it looks messed up. I am going to fix it so don’t worry. :)

Here are the updates.

Nora Updates
– Added 2 Match History

Galleries Updates
– Fixed Candids section (it looks much better now!)
– Added RAW February Magazine Scans

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