#FEBRUARY 8, 2004

Hi guys! I updated a lot for you guys today. :) Hope you will like them.

Nora-World.org is Site of the Month at Lita Web! Thank you so much Justin! Visit his site, it’s awesome. Dani and I love the award. :)

Watch HEAT tonight because Molly is supposed to be on! Yay! I’m sure she did great and I can’t wait to see it. I hope she will be on Raw tomorrow night. She deserves it. I think she’s gonna lose the title to Lita at Wrestlemania but who knows?

Guys, please understand this. Dani wanted me to post something for you guys. Here it is…

“Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know why I haven’t been around lately. Right now my grandmother is in the hospital and I’ve been with her almost the whole time. I’ve gotten about 30 hours of sleep in the last 10 days and she had major surgery a few days ago. She is 82 years old and my only grandma that is still living so I just havent had the time to work on the site. And even if I did have the time, I’m just too tired to do it. When I’m tired and try to work on the site, I tend to mess things up. So I dont know when I will be able to help update again. I will try to get current caps and scans for you guys soon, but I just wanted to tell you why I havent done it yet and I hope that you understand my situation right now. Things should be back to normal is maybe 2 weeks to a month. – Dani”

I hope your grandma is going to be okay. Don’t rush to come back. Just take your time, girl.

Please sign the guestbook! We need more people. Here are the updates! :)

Galleries Updates
– Added Japan Pictures

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