May 5th, 2021
 "Calling all Fans…."

Calling all fans…! We will be putting a Hall of Fame congratulations scrapbook together and will be personally delivering it to Nora in early June. We would love to include your message in it. All you need to do is email me at with your message of congratulations to Nora. With your message, be sure to include your name and location. If you have a photo of yourself with Nora from an autograph signing or event, feel free to include that so we can put your photo with your message! We would also like you to include ONE word you would use to describe Nora. Your message can be short and sweet or you can add more details to it.

Below is an example of what we are looking for from you fans!

Deadline for submiting your message is May 28th.

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October 4th, 2006

Read this amazing article written by Jason Sensation. He wrote a lot of great things about Nora. To read it, click here.
Thanks to Nora for letting us know about the article!

We have some AMAZING photos and they will be posted soon. So be sure to come back to check!

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September 22nd, 2006

Nora has a new interview online. She was part of’s 15 Questions. To read it click here.

Over the last few days, Nora and Lisa have added some more photos to their Myspace page. Be sure to check them out and send in a friend request if you haven’t already here.

Also, Heat Webshow this week features a past Molly Holly Match. Heat is dedicated to Trish Stratus and they have a video of Trish vs Molly Holly at Unforgiven 2002. Watch the match here.

Thanks to Nora for letting us know about the interview!

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September 16th, 2005

Message From NORA
I received an e-mail from Nora.
The fans from other countries other than US who order her DVD will only be able to play it on a personal computer.

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September 1st, 2005

NWO Exclusive
Dani and I received photos from Nora. Dani got hers yesterday and I got mine today. We each got 4 photos. They’re of Nora with some friends from NWA Legends Fan Fest autograph sighing. GREAT photos! To check them out on the gallery website!

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April 15th, 2005
 "APRIL 15, 2005 UPDATE"

Madusa thoughts on Nora’s release: “I just heard that and I was really shocked. If it was her decision then she had good reason to leave. If it was WWE, then I feel they made a huge mistake. She is the only woman they had left that had any talent to make WWE women’s division survive. Why? Cause she wouldn’t show her T&A? Good for her. She will go a lot further. She is the only one I ever had respect for, because of her beliefs. She may not know that. I was always hard on her because I really knew she had talent. Good luck Nora”
Comments from Indy wrestlers:
From ODB: Ridiculous!!! I’m still shocked. She is one of the best workers. She’s beautiful and talented. It’s sad what they are doing to the women’s division. If the other company was smart they would start up a women’s division. Fans wanna see beautiful chicks that can work. I don’t get it.
From Alicia: My reaction to her release is a mix of complete shock and disappointment. She is by far one of the best female workers they have had and to think they would let her go amazes me. The direction of women’s wrestling is pushing forcefully to an imbalance of just T&A and getting away from the actual wrestling/entertaining aspect. I hope events like this don’t discourage girls, especially on the independents from concentrating on what really matters — which is working hard and being the total package of talent, ability AND looks.
From Amber O’Neal: I am very upset about Molly Holly being released. She was one of the BEST women’s wrestlers ever and the best that WWE had at this point. I feel they should have at least kept her around as a trainer for the women’s division especially since they having another DIVA SEARCH! She would have been great to teach these women with no background in wrestling at all. I have been hoping this was a phase with the divas but I am beginning to feel very discouraged about women’s wrestling on TV. We can still tear it up on the indys girls. Do everything you can to keep women’s wrestling STRONG, and AROUND for a long time. I love what I do and I will continue to do it for as long as my body will let me. No matter what! Good luck to you Nora aka Molly Holly. I appreciate all you have done for me and women’s wrestling. I hope she will continue to share you talent with the world.
From Josie: My stomach dropped.

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