MAY 28, 2007 UPDATE
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Question of the Week

Here is the fifth question for this week. It was sent in by Deltaqueen.

Question: Hi Nora, this is my question. While you were wrestling in the WWE you were with a group of extremely talented wrestlers – Trish Stratus, Lita, Jazz, Ivory, Gail Kim, Jacqueline – which of them consistently gave you the toughest matches, and if you were to step back into the ring next week for a charity match with no WWE type restrictions like 3 minute time limits or you can only can do a certain number of moves etc who would you pick as your opponant to give the best possible and most entertaining match to the public, and why her?
Answer:My toughest matches were against Jacqueline. If I were to have another match, I would like it to be against the greatest women’s champion of all time, Harvey Whippleman. No seriously, it would be cool to be in the ring with Luna Vachon. She is an amazing pro-wrestler and I would learn a lot from her.

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Weekend Rewind
For this weekend rewind, we only have one show. We do have the caps but not the video. Enjoy the caps though!

Monday Night Raw

September 29, 2003

{ 380 Photos }

Last weekend, we had four different Monday Night Raw dates and we didn’t include the videos, but we now have them. So if you’d like to check them out, click the links below. Also if you still haven’t seen the caps, feel free to click the images.

Monday Night Raw

March 26, 2001

November 24, 2003

{ 1 Video }
{ 1 Video }
December 1, 2003

December 8, 2003

{ 1 Video }
{ 1 Video } Alumni
It has been more than 2 years since Nora left the WWE. They haven’t forgotten about her because they now have a special page for Nora on! Click the image below to check it out.

Terri “Tori” Poch Interview
Terri “Tori” Poch recently sent her answers back to the questions you fans sent her! There are a lot of amazing questions to read, so to read the interview, go here!

eBay Auction *NEW*

There is a very RARE WCW photo of Nora when she was Miss Madness ’99/Mona! To check it out, click the image above. If you want it, make sure you place your bid on it!

Nora Appearance *NEW*
Nora is going to make an appearance in July. Here is the information.

When: July 21st, 2007
Where: Wessman Arena in Superior, WI (Outside of Duluth, MN)
Time: Meet & Greet with Nora and more at 6pm, Show starts at 7pm
What: Heavy On Wrestling Ref for Christy Hemme vs Ann Brookstone
Website:Heavy On Wrestling

Feel free to leave comments. We love hearing from visitors.

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